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Cal Baptist Racing constantly strives to improve upon our designs and challenge ourselves yearly to perform better at competitions. This drive can be seen in our trend throughout the past 4 years and the improvements that have been made to better our performance each year.


EST. 2016

June 2020

Formula SAE California

To be announced!

October 2019

SoCal Shootout

Lancer 3 competed in this event with a newly implemented aero package and the team won the Team Review Award.

June 2019                         

Formula SAE Lincoln

Lancer 3 placed 31st out of 80 internal combustion teams. 

October 2019

SoCal Shoutout

Lancer 2 placed 2nd out of the 6 internal combustion teams

June 2018

Formula SAE Lincoln

Lancer 2 placed 44th out of 80 internal combustion teams.

June 2017

Formula SAE Lincoln

Lancer 1 placed 61st out of 80 internal combustion teams.

January 2015

Cal Baptist Racing Club Created


Lancer 4

Cal Baptist Racing’s 4th car is currently being developed and will be seen at Formula SAE California in June of 2020. If you would like more information about our progress this year, you can email or follow us on our Instagram @cbu_sae.


Lancer 3

Lancer 3 saw tremendous improvements in the reliability and performance of the vehicle. With a completion of all the events at competition and improvements in almost every category, we were very happy with our performance and the overall results. Overall, as a third-year team, we competed with teams who had been around for 10-15 years.

Overall Finish: 31st
Car Number: #48
Weight: 476 lbs.
Engine: KTM 690 LC4
Unique: First CBU car to finish endurance


Lancer 2

With the knowledge gained from the Lancer 1 competition, major improvements and design considerations went into Lancer 2 in order to reduce the overall weight of the car and improve the performance and handling of the vehicle in order to make the car more competitive.  

Overall Finish: 44th
Car Number: #21
Weight: 478 lbs
Engine: Husqvarna 701
Unique: First implementation of a vibration isolated powertrain


Lancer 1

With the initial creation of the Formula SAE club, the team produced the first SAE vehicle seen by CBU. With only 8 members and no prior knowledge and experience of what to expect at competition, the performance of Lancer 1 was astonishing. In as little as 8 weeks, the team managed to put together a car that passed technical inspection (a challenge that not many first-year teams manage to do) and qualified to compete in the endurance event. This car provided a major learning experience that will forever be remembered by this team and in the history of SAE at CBU.

Overall Finish: 61st
Car Number: #15
Weight: 776 lbs.
Engine: Suzuki GSXR 600
Unique: Heaviest car at competition 

California Baptist University - Formula SAE