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The mission of the FSAE Electric Vehicle Team is to build a community of engineers purposed with designing, prototyping, testing, validating, and manufacturing an electric vehicle to provide a platform committed to developing practical knowledge, integrity, leadership, and teamwork for future academic and professional growth.

About Lancer Electric Racing

Lancer Electric Racing is California Baptist University’s Electric Formula SAE team within the Gordon and Jill Bourn’s College of Engineering. To accompany the recent push for electric vehicles, CBU has branched into the Formula SAE EV competition series. The Collegiate Design Series serves to support the transition of students into professional engineers that will tackle and overcome the engineering challenges of the future. Throughout the year long process, members are committed to the rigorous task of designing and fabricating a properly engineered vehicle that competes against other universities from around the world in events such as design, cost, manufacturability, performance, and reliability.

Lancer Electric Racing will partake in its second Formula SAE EV competition at Michigan International Speedway on June 13-17, 2023.  

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EST. 2016

July 2020

EV Team offshoot of Cal Baptist Racing formed

June 2022

Formula SAE Michigan

LE-1 placed 37th out of 57 electric vehicle teams.

September 2022                          

Name Change

With a shift in team philosophy, leadership decides future EV car name to change from Lancer Electric to Charger to compliment the internal combustion car’s name –Lancer, the person, and Charger, the horse, work in tandem to take out the competition

March 2023

Charger 2 Unveiling

After less than a year of work on the vehicle, Charger 2 will debut in March 2023

Countdown To Our Unveiling

Formula SAE California 2023

Countdown To Our Next Race

Formula SAE Michigan 2023

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