The cars are scored upon 8 events:
3 static and 5 dynamic


Cost: This event evaluates the ability of the team to consider the overall budget and incorporate production considerations for production and efficiency.

Business: The team is judged upon their presentation to deliver a comprehensive business, logistical, production, or technical case that will convince theoretical outside interest to invest in the team’s concept.

Design: This event evaluates the engineering effort that went into the vehicle and how well the members of the team are able to support the decisions they made with analysis and test data.


Acceleration: A timed event of a straight 75 meter course.

Skid Pad: Measures the vehicle’s cornering ability while making a constant radius turn in a “figure eight” pattern.

Autocross: Evaluates the vehicle maneuverability and handling qualities on a tight course.

Endurance: Evaluates the overall performance, durability, and reliability of the vehicle that consists of multiple laps that equate to 13.7 miles.

Efficiency: For the teams that completed all 13.7 miles of the endurance event, this event evaluates the amount of fuel used to complete the event. 

Progress Over The Years

Lancer 1
Lancer 2
Lancer 3
Lancer 4
Cost (100)66.959.968.4 (28th)46
Business (75)44.935.360.6 (25th)57.7
Design (200)206080 (29th)100
Acceleration (100)-52.839.2 (30th)66.2
Skid Pad (75)
-29.83.5 (34th)29.9
Autocross (125)14.559.852.6 (42nd)95.5
Endurance (225)3-25 (25th)167.0
Efficiency (100)--77.6 (6th)98.7
Total Score149.2297.6407.2457.3
Overall Place61st44th31st4th

California Baptist University - Formula SAE

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