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Formula SAE

California Baptist University

About Our Team

Our Mission

Cal Baptist Racing strives to be a team committed to designing, fabricating, and racing a car that can compete amongst the best. With the hard work and time invested to the team, our members gain practical skills that exceed beyond those taught in the classroom. We are a team that is committed to enhancing the education and growth of our members.

About Cal Baptist Racing

Cal Baptist Racing is California Baptist University’s Formula SAE team within the Gordon and Jill Bourn’s College of Engineering. Formula SAE is a part of a Collegiate Design Series that exists to support the educational development of emerging engineers and encourage professional growth in project management, communication, and organization. Throughout the year long process, members involved in Formula SAE team strive to develop a vehicle that is properly engineered and that can compete against other university teams. The car is judged based upon its design, cost, manufacturability, performance, and reliability

Cal Baptist Racing has competed annually at Formula SAE Lincoln. This year, the same competition will be held in Fontana, California where we will compete June 17-20th, 2020.  

For more information about the event, you can visit: 


EST. 2016

June 2020

Formula SAE California

Stay tuned for Lancer 4 updates!

October 2019

SoCal Shootout

Lancer 3 competed in this event with a newly implemented aero package and the team won the Team Review Award.

June 2019                         

Formula SAE Lincoln

Lancer 3 placed 31st out of 80 internal combustion teams. 

October 2019

SoCal Shoutout

Lancer 2 placed 2nd out of the 6 internal combustion teams

June 2018

Formula SAE Lincoln

Lancer 2 placed 44th out of 80 internal combustion teams.

June 2017

Formula SAE Lincoln

Lancer 1 placed 61st out of 80 internal combustion teams.

January 2015

Cal Baptist Racing Club Created

Countdown To Our Unveiling

Countdown To Our Next Race

Formula SAE California 2020

California Baptist University - Formula SAE